• FAEVE S.A. started its operation in 1983 as a manufacturer and commercializer of Veterinary Products, in response to growing demands of technification and personnalised service, with the purpose of catering to the needs of poultry, pork and cattle producers. A company in constant growth, our philosophy of improvement on a continuous basis enables us to offer products and services of the highest quality, working under the strictest norms of manufacture and control, permanently incorporating scientific and technological advances. Engaged since the very beginning with both the excellency in quality and the care for the environment, we incorporated our own Quality Control Department in 1990, endowing it with the highest technology available -and in 1997, an Effluent Treatment Area where the waste is processed in order to avoid contamination. In 1996 we started our exporting activity, aimed at competitive markets such as Brazil and the Middle East. With the guarantee and support offered by our Company, we endeavour to develop and elaborate our products by sensing the market's needs, covering Argentina and projecting ourselves abroad. Currently, there is a need for a dynamic organisation with renewed commercialisation criteria and a spirit of service. Today, this working philosophy prompts us to start a strong expansion project with the goal of offering our advantages in quality and price.
  • To obtain the excellence based on the investigation, knowledge and technology, for the effective product elaboration, in Health Animal for our country and the world.
  • To provide and to guarantee to our clients the whole satisfaction of its necessities, developing, elaborating and commercializing reliable products, through controlled processes and into competitive prices, respecting the basic principles of the company: Seriousness - Responsibility – Commitment.
  • We have a strong commitment with: » To assure the quality and security of our products, to offer confidence to our clients and to satisfy its necessities. » To develop our System of Quality based on international norms. » To maintain us, in a level of excellence, by the application of a program of continuous improvement and permanent qualification of our personnel. » To develop our processes, taking care of Environment.